Projects / Portfolio

Copper Tanks & Gantry display

Sydney Cricket Group - Brewers Pavilion Function Room
At Williamstown Sheetmetal we work with a variety of metals including copper.
This project consisted of two sections. Firstly, the gantry which holds the 3 tanks in position and secondly, the decorative coppers tanks with the stainless steel bands, copper pipework and fittings to add authenticity. 
This project presented itself with some minor challenges due to the nature of the materials used. Naturally, the protection of the material was our number priority whilst in our workshop and during transport.

A380 & 767 Mock Aircraft

Tullamarine Airport – Melbourne
This was one of our largest projects and one of which we are extremely proud of.
The project consisted of a life size A380 front and a life size 767 back half of an aircraft. This was constructed in our workshops, fitted out and installed on site as a fire fighting training facility located at the rear of Melbourne Airport in Tullamarine.

During this project we managed 2 workshops and the Tullamarine site with a staff of approximately 25 people to pull this project together. 
Our fully equipment workshops with cranes, forklifts and availability of space, enabled us to manoeuvre parts with ease throughout the construction and further enable us to load the large sections of the aircraft onto prime movers to transport to site.

The project required the skills of various trades consisting of welders, boiler makers & sheetmetal workers due to the variety of works involved.  
The outer shell which is visible from the street was constructed from Corten material and was only 1 aspect of the project. The interior of the aircraft had to be fitted out with mock toilets, galleys, staircases, seats, overhead lockers and the cockpit just to mention a few of the additional components.

Movable work benches

Warrnambool College
Working with architects on new designs to achieve the required outcome was the criteria for this particular project.
The science lab required movable work benches which were still able to provide provisions for fixed line resources such as gas lines to the work area where ever the bench was located.


Melbourne Girls Grammar
Custom made handrails to suit a particular area can be made in our workshop with the craftsmanship and care of our tradespeople.
Our sales team are able to attend site to meet with you to design handrails tailored to your specific area and needs.  Our tradespeople can then cut material in order to create the required angles, weld and blend the grain of stainless steel to disguise any joins and create a professional finish.

HMAS Castlemaine

Gem Pier Williamstown
We were contacted by the The Maritime Trust of Australia Inc and asked if we could have a look at a project they were about to undergo to refit the galley of the HMAS Castlemaine at Gem Pier in Williamstown.

This project involved the manufacture and install of a completely new galley on board the ship with cupboards, benchtops, splash backs etc. This project was unique due to the cabinetry being designed to suit the hull of the ship.

Canopies & Screens

Whether you need a canopy or screen on your rooftop, ground level or on the side of a building to hide the sight of plant or for protection from the weather we can be of assistance. We can make to your design or draft something up for you that will blend in with the façade of your building and suits a purpose.

The ultimate aim of Williamstown Sheetmetal Pty Ltd is to provide total service to our customer in a cost effective, efficient and professional manner.